5 Unusual Grad Gifts For Your Chef Friend

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Graduation is definitely a memorable phase in one’s life. If you have to get graduation gifts for your chef friend, then choosing a few basic kitchen gears will turn out being the perfect gift for them.

Plates, pots, pans, or bakery equipment, there are so many basic kitchen items that you can gift them with. To add to this, these items are quite cost effective and would make a perfect for a freshman.

• The right bake ware

One good option here would be to get baking sheets that are rimmed. This bakery equipment will not only be good for baking doughnuts and cookies, but also a good option when it comes to making savory dishes such as lamb rack, dinner rolls, roasted vegetables and so forth. It will even be quite effective in catching the overflow juice of a pie. If you also give an accompanying storage lid, it will help to keep the baked food fresh for a longer period and will get transported in a neat way. Also, baking dish would work wonderfully when one would want to make roasted chicken and crispy pies.

• Knives

Whether one has to cut vegetables, dice something quick or simply need to cut fruits, at one point of time, knives will definitely come handy. Make sure that you gift them with a quality chef’s knife and also a paring knife which will be able to handle little things. A good quality knife must make one feel well balanced and comfortable to hold.

• Cutting Board

If you want one to go easy on their blades, opt for a wooden chopping board. This will also help to keep the knife in a durable and good condition for long. Try to opt for a board which will be ideal for practically chopping or cutting anything, such as poultry, meat, vegetables or even seafood. Always try to keep away from cross contamination, and always sanitize your board after working with seafood or meat.

• Vital tool set

A kitchen that is properly stocked will have necessary tools, even the smallest of them such as a peeler, pair of tongs and a can opener. You might feel that they are not an important tool, however when time comes it turns out being one of the basic necessities every kitchen should have. This is why to meet any kind of kitchen emergency, make sure that you have the vital pieces well stacked in the kitchen. This will help to make work easier for you.

• Measuring spoons

Every kitchen has a secured place set for measuring spoons. Try to get a set which will enable you to separate spoons from the ring and those which also have the practical half-tablespoon measurement.