All About Eliminating Pollution

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Day–by-day, the pollution is increasing. And the increasing of pollution is affecting towns as well as villages. Pollution is affecting not only human beings, but also animals, lands and flora and fauna. However, there are many ways to prevent the pollution of nature and can prepare the earth as a better place where our generation of the future can live peacefully.

There are many organisations which are organising campaign to protect the nature. There are government activities as well to prevent pollution. In schools, children are taught environmental science which makes them aware of the pollution, but these attempts are not enough. Children who are in school can be taught and the organisations and governments can try to prevent the pollution. Along with this, every human being should try on his own to protect the Mother Nature. And we should take various efforts in our daily life to eliminate and stay away from pollution. One very effective way to reduce pollution is proper waste management. There are services that offer mini skip hire and even green waste management. And these services are worthy to hire. 

Services of mini skip hire in Melbourne will be highly useful for house and construction rubbish removal. You can dispose your waste in a proper way without affecting the environment and increasing pollution.

Unique ways to reduce and eliminate pollution

1. Use a car that does not use fossil fuel- as a part of controlling the pollution one can take into consideration of using a car that uses ethanol and biodiesel. These two types of fuels reduce the level of pollution. But many people do not know about them. So, governments should encourage people to use these two fuels and should promote the necessity of doing so.

2. Make a garden- people can take attempt to prevent the pollution. They can make a small garden in their own lawn. Those plants will help to reduce carbon dioxide and will increase the level of pure oxygen as well. We should keep in mind that only we can save the planet of earth from pollution by planting more trees or plants. The more we plant trees, the more we get oxygen. In fact, planting trees is one of the great solutions to save our world from this pollution.

3. Bonsai- If you do not have a large lawn, then also there is nothing to worry; you can go for bonsai- that is to plant small saplings in the vases. And keep them in the place of your house where they will get enough light and air. Water them every morning.
4. To prevent the pollution we should stop depending on the non-renewable sources.