Growing Your Own Food

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If you are someone that has studied the food that we eat on a daily basis, you may have noticed just how bad the food we put in to our bodies on a daily basis are. The meat that people eat are full of unnatural hormones that are used to make the animal grow up as soon as possible so that the animal can be slaughtered within a few weeks and these hormones are the same hormones that we put in to our bodies when we eat this meat. In addition to this, a shocking fact is that a majority of the world’s antibiotics are fed to farm animals and we in turn consume all of these antibiotics every time we eat meat which is so very dangerous.

Antibiotics for disease in farm animals

As a result of consuming so much of antibiotics indirectly from the time we were young, our bodies become immune to these antibiotics and therefore when we do get very sick and have the need for antibiotics, they no longer work on our bodies because we have taken so much of them through the meat that we eat. Fortunately however, the young people of the world are slowly moving towards a healthier and cleaner vegan diet.

In fact, the vegan lifestyle is one of the fastest growing lifestyles the world has ever known which means that the next generation will be bound to be healthier if they stick to this diet however, there is another concern with the vegetables that we eat. Even the vegetables and leaves that we consume are laced with chemicals and insecticides and therefore they are also quite bad for our bodies. Farmers use various soil stabilisation products to enhance the strenght of soil but which sometimes contain dangerous chemicals but the goal for the farmer is to have the most yield in order to make the most money and therefore, the consumer suffers because we put all of this in to our bodies.

The only solution is for you to consider growing your own food in your own garden. You will need to study dust suppression solutions in order to make your garden suitable for growing food but eventually, you will be able to get a great organic yield.When you become good at what you are going, you will also be able to make some money off it because you will be able to sell some of the organic yield to other people which will help them to have better access to organic food and it will help you to make a small business out of it.