The Basic Tools You Need To Maintain Your Vehicle

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Each mechanical tool serves different purposes. Having the right tools gives you the ease to maintain your vehicle in the right ways. It is important all these tools and in correct shape and size. If not you would have to get it fixed or replaced. The below information is useful with regard to this.

A socket box

These are available in most hardware or vehicle tool stores and can be useful even in minor vehicle break downs. A set of sockets comes in various sizes. You can select the size according to the type of vehicle you have and the kinds of nuts and bolts in consists of. Your vehicle has various kinds of nuts and some can be very difficult to remove. Therefore, a socket set of good quality should be chosen in order to make the task easier.


Apart from sockets, a set of wrenches is highly beneficial for any type of vehicle. Wrenches are available in many sizes as heavy vehicles need wrenches that are larger in size. For instance, forklift repairs in Brisbane would require a wrench that is about 19mm- 23 mm due to the fact that it contains large nuts and bolts. Some vehicles consist of bolts that are standardized and therefore would need to standardized set of wrenches.

Screw driver sets

These are essential in most areas of the vehicle servicing and maintenance process. Screw drivers are useful in tasks such as removing a nut or a clamp. Similar to wrenches, screw drivers are also available in various sizes. Services such as forklift repairs require checking bolts that holds the counter weight to the body to check if they are worn and if they need replacements. This is often done with the use of larger screw driver to make the task efficient.

Jack stands

Jack stands are once again sold in sets and can be purchased as most stores. Check your vehicle manual which will provide information as to where to safely set the jacks and lift the vehicle when needed. Always make sure that the jack stand you purchase is rated for the weight of your vehicle. When you do this, always place something heavy by the wheels of the vehicle to make sure it does not move which can be dangerous.

These tools are certainly useful in the process of servicing and maintaining your vehicle. Ensure that you always purchase these tools in the right quality and quantity to avoid any further regrets. This will make your task much easier and efficient.