The Enthralling Architecture Of Ascendance Seen In Staircases

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Staircases have been one of the best inventions of man. Generally speaking, collection of a number of steps forms a staircase. Staircases have become a common site now and are present everywhere from schools to hospitals, malls, houses etc. Of course, the lift or elevator may have dented its popularity but the staircase continues to be a lifesaver and a necessity in every multi-storeyed structure or house.

The architectural design of the staircase has gained a lot of importance in the past few decades. In fact shops dealing in metal fabrication in Melbourne are getting a lot of orders for designing and assembling the staircase handrails, banisters and balustrade etc. In fact metal staircases are extensively used as fire escapes and emergency exits.

Different types of staircases

Metal fabrication might have changed the looks of the handrails and banisters of a staircase but they can still be classified into two types:

• Fancy staircase: These are perceived as objects of art as they add and enhance the architecture of the house as a whole. They are grand in design with customised step size and shape, and fit naturally with the decor of the house. Materials used can vary from stones, cement, different types of wood or even wrought iron depending on what the interior decoration of the house demands. They can be ornamented by having designer railings with patterns and floral architecture or can be made to appear to hang from the roof. In fact staircases that are circular, elliptical, curved or spiral are very popular as they help to make a bold statement with their grand presence.

• Plain staircase: When the stress is on utility, a plain staircase should be installed. Since these staircases are generally built out of sight, the design or materials used does not make much of a difference. The only point to be considered here is durability and it is on this basis that the material for the staircase has to be chosen.

Materials used for making staircases

There are many different types of materials that can be used to make staircases. Some of them are:

• Concrete: This is the prime choice as it can be moulded into any shape and also they are unmatched in their durability and strength. They give you value for money.

• Wood: Where money is not a problem and the stress is on style, wood is the best option as it can fit in with any decor.

• Stone: Offering a lot of variety with regards its colour and texture, stone is always the best choice when the staircase designed is installed outdoors.

• Metal: This is a good choice for installation in places where there is a space constraint as they are flexible and can be folded and stored too if required.

• Glass: This has been a recent addition because of the aesthetics it presents the varied combinations of colour and texture they are available in.