Types Of GSE Mostly Used In The Aviation Industry

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In the aviation industry, the ground support tools or equipment is the support that helps in easy handling the airport operations. These engineering tools or equipment are usually the backbone for the role generally involved during ground operations, mobility of the aircraft or lifting the aircraft. In major airports, the ground handing is handled by the airport authority, while for others it is given under contractors. The efficiency of the operation, management of the light timing, handling the movement of the passengers and luggage, moving of the flight, etc. are done with the help of the tools. So, you can very easily understand the importance of the support equipment for aircrafts. Let’s discuss a few such equipment and tools that are most common in the industry:

The Dollies (non-powered tool)

Dollies are aircraft ground support equipment used to move the luggage or cargos in the airport from the terminals or the warehouses. Loose baggage, mail bags, are moved in such way where the unit is completely covered from all side, expect the sides, which are covered by plastic curtains.

The hydraulic jacks for lifting

The lifting jacks or hydraulic jacks are used widely in the airports to support flight. The aircraft wing jacks support the wings, while the tripod jack supports the aircraft when it is parked. It helps the tail and the wing of the aircraft not to bend and touch the ground when it is parked. Though these are optional tools, yet these are very much necessary for the safety of the aircraft.

The service stairs and chocks

The service stairs helps the technicians to reach the bottom position of the flight and the chocks prevent the aircraft from moving while it is parked. These are few non-powered GSE.

The aircraft refuelers

The refuelers are powered equipment that is used to re-fuel the aircrafts. These are self-sufficient tanks fitted with own pumps, hoses, filters, etc. and are just connected to the central pipeline during refuelling.

The GPU or Ground power units

The ground power units supply power to the aircraft that converts AC power to DC. It helps in supplying of power to the crafts through generators.

The airbuses

The airbuses are very common ground support tool or equipment that is used to transport the passengers from the terminal to the aircraft or from one terminal to another. The buses have wide doors and low flooring so that the passengers can easily enter the bus.

Passenger boarding stairs

These are stairs that are moveable and attached to the aircraft when the passengers get inside the aircraft. The flexible and adjustable stairs can reach up to 20 feet depending upon the size of the aircraft.